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Books Rock Cafe

I had a great experience with Books Rock Cafť Book Fair. The staff was extremely helpful. We advertised the fair on the school radio station and posted flyers throughout the school. In addition, we gave parents information at curriculum night. During our curriculum night, parents could visit the media center and use computers to order books. We sent an automated message to all students using our parent caller system and announced the book fair on facebook. We are excited about another fair in the future!

Dawn Hall
Forsyth Central High School
Cumming, GA

The final shipment of my book order came today. We have now completed our first virtual book fair. I look forward to doing another in the spring semester. Thank you for your help

Wilma L, OK

I adore The Reading Warehouse, canít wait to get my credit

Ruth P, TX

will definitely do another book fair in the spring

Debbie R, FL

thank you for doing so much and all of your technical support

Sandy H, TN

we didnít sell a lot the first time. However, the interest was very strong. I already have several ideas to promote it more with parents and faculty

Meg N, FL

I was thrilled and will do it again in the Spring with more staff support and interest

Cookie D, FL

although our students donít have access to a lot of computers, I thought you made it so easy and Iíd like to do it again sometime

Belinda R, FL

your staff was so very professional and helpful in every way. It was a pleasure to do business with you because you listen to what is needed and work with us. Thanks a bunch!

Linda S, FL

really like the online concept, happy with the fair and will try again next year

Lisa C, SC

will try again in the spring, once summer reading list is available

Susan M, SC

I am thinking one more starting in May, so I can promote sales for summer reading. After those two, I think our families will be more accustomed to an online fair and I can try a couple of more in the next school year too

Ana W, FL

We enjoyed doing the virtual book fair. I wish the kids had ordered more but maybe in the future if they are a little more familiar with it, they will. We had each English teacher bring their classes down each period according to a schedule that I had sent out earlier. Students were here for about 30 minutes. We went over how to create an account and how itall works, along with the 3 gift baskets for a drawing from all the students who made purchases (a $50 card to Best Buy, a movie basket with $20 to Best Buy, Cokes, candy and popcorn, and a big candy basket, all of which I purchased with my Teacher Lead money). I followed that with booktalking some of the books that I had purchased and were on display and then I showed some book trailers that I had downloaded from YouTube and put in movie maker as one movie. I reminded them as they left that the 9th was the last day.

For promos, we had annoucements on the morning news, 2 school callouts to the students' homes, announcements to the English teachers to tell their classes, and a big section on the school home page for 2 weeks with the link to the sign up for the account.

Linda Shepard, M. Ed., NBCT
Braden River HS Library Media Specialist
751-8230, ext. 2044

I have never had book fair success at the high school level until I tried Books Rock Cafe! It was a GREAT experience! My students and parents are begging for another one. The prices are good, the book rewards are good and it is easy to use. I asked my teachers for a list of required reading titles and included that list in the information about the book fair. The books were shipped to my school as soon as the Book Fair ended. Very happy with the service! I will definitely have another book fair in the spring for our summer reading list!

Cookie Davis, Media Specialist
A W Dreyfoos School of the Arts
West Palm Beach, FL

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