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About Us
Your Virtual Book Fair Destination
Have you ever wished you could have millions of titles in your book fair, instead of a few hundred, all in stock?

If you have ever wished for a book fair that caters to the older students and actually has books that they want to read, then we have the book fair for you!
We even have hundreds of thousands of DVDs and CDs!

Create your own Virtual Book Fair on-line with BooksRockCafe!
You create the fair - students, parents, friends & family shop online
and your school earns 15-25% profit on books and 5-15% profit on DVDs & CDs!

You can customize your home page with your school name or logo.   You can create reading lists that your school may be requiring.   You can create lists to feature based on authors or series, or any other kinds of lists that are popular at the time of your fair or are a focus of your school at the time!

Students will place their orders online and they will be shipped back to your school at the end of the fair, all separated by homerooms with a packing slip for each homeroom with the student's purchases listed. This makes it very easy to get the books into the hands of the students that order them at the end of the fair. Books will get to your school in most cases 3 to 6 business days after your fair ends.

Parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and even business partners can shop from anywhere in the US and can have the book shipped straight to them and your school still makes money on every order!

You can book these fairs on your schedule instead of someone elses, and each fair you hold can last up to 14 days.

Students, Parents, Relatives & Customers!
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Media Specialists!
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